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Providing the Best in Plastic
Custom Injection Molded Components 

For contract injection molded components used with balls or  outsourcing the manufacture of special plastic tubes, petri dishes, or other components,  we have expertise where tight tolerance, clarity, light transmittance and lot-to-lot integrity are important product characteristics.  Plastic components can be molded and packaged in our newly constructed 8,000 sq. ft. Class 8 Clean Room equipped with state of the art manufacturing and inspection equipment.  
ISO 13485-2016.
Precision Plastic Balls

Used in a wide range of customer applications such as low load bearings, light weight check valves, plug balls, roll-ons and many other applications for various industries.  With over a billion plastic balls manufactured annually, we have a large inventory of standard and special engineered solid plastics from 2mm to 5" in diameter in standard or special grades and tolerances. Colors, fillers, and balls made from FDA materials are also available on request.  
ISO 9001-2015.  
Polystyrene Balls

2mm to 5/16" diameter solid plastic beads with special tailored surface finishes to accommodate customer preferences. Customers have learned to trust Hoover for high volume production, consistent lot quality and lot sizes suited to individual requirements.
ISO 9001-2015.
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