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Medical Beads
Committed to serving medical diagnostic and biotechnology firms worldwide, we manufacture precision-made, custom-produced 2mm to 8mm plastic beads for bead-based immunoassays in diagnostic, research and development, protein purification applications and can also manufacture mating plastic injection molded components in our class 8 clean room.  
  • Macro Solid Phase Plastic Beads for Enzyme Immunoassay and Radioimmunoassay
  • Macro Magnetic Solid Phase Polymer Beads for EIA, RIA, and DNA PCR
  • Customer Components to support diagnostic systems.

Exacting Quality and Visual Inspection Systems
We recognize the critical importance of lot traceability and product verification for the medical diagnostic and biotechnology industries.  Complete documentation and certification for all materials and manufacturing lots is assured.

Custom Manufactured to Your Specification
Assay beads are tailored to your specification, with sizes as small as 2.0mm and with medical - grade surface finishes from 10-280 Ra (other surface finishes also available).  Beads are molded from polystyrene and other materials available per your specification.  Small quantity product samples are available to assist you in selecting the bead characteristics needed for your application.  We are committed to a continuing research and development program, pursuing further refinements in surface finishes and developing additional materials for diagnostic application.

Flexible Lot Size Capabilities 
With our flexible production capabilities, we can supply the quantity of beads that meets your requirements. 25,000 - 2,300,000 piece batches.

Pre-shipment Samples Available
To verify that beads conform to your specified parameters, preshipment sampling for approval is available in the quantities that you request.

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